Web (1.9) Manifesto

When Tim O'Reilly has popularized the term "Web 2.0", many have believed that was the best news of all the times because they believed that they have been finally liberated from technical knowledge. In fact, the contrary happened, they became permanently slaves of techno-power.

Then the empire of the big corporations began and the web returned to the prehistoric age where the only option these corporations gave you was the possibility to "like" or to leave, to give them your soul or to disapear. It wasn't a start but an end. You are the merchandise and them are the stores. You work for free and they sell to you your work. You are the slave and they are your new masters. Because you always abandon just in time, just before you should win.

Web 1.9 is resistance but not obsolescence. If you want to live like a free citizen you need to work, not for your master but for yourself, you need to work always, freedom isn't for lazy boys.

Web Publishing Rules:

  1. You must own the domain name
  2. You must own or rent the hosting space
  3. All the code (pages and databases) of the website must be hosted on one unique server.
  4. You are not allowed to use cookies in public (front end) pages.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to include a script or a tracker from external servers.
  6. All contents must be accessible and editable by text browsers (such as lynx).
  7. Your website must be navigable even if javascript is desactived.
  8. No direct link should point to a web 2.0 website, cloud or webservice.
  9. You should whenever possible use html tags to structure your pages (h1 h2 h3 etc.) instead of using css
  10. You can use modern tools like php/sql, python, dhtml, Asynchronous Web, cgi, scripts, css, html5 and so on and so forth only if you follow the rules above