Loz's Nicole Project
loz's nicole project

"Nicole" is the name of my old B/W 68000 Macintosh under system 6.0.7 that I've connected succefully on the net.

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What's matter ?

Surfing on the web with maybe the first browser made by the Cern (Nicolas Pellow & Robert Cailliau) : MacWWW samba for mac is not just fun but a big travel through time...

I working on it, making screen snapshots and feeling this particular sens of web surfing when your see only a black and white interface and very primitive command to use.

No javascript, no frames, no pictures (gif,jpeg) what you see is not what you get, only text between two urls, a new world or an older world as you like and now just an artistic behaviour.

If you want more tales about internet browsers story go http://www.livinginternet.com/w/wi_browse.htm or try this short citation

If your search for a comprehensive repository of older browser applications go http://browsers.evolt.org.

The Nicole Web site gallery

Don't forget this Browser don't support : image, flash, frames, redirect urls, virtual host, popups, javascript, java etc. and many modern kind of tags, please make a page or a web site very light an single as possible.

Go to nicole reference page to see what tags are supported and how to deal with.

Here you can see the Nicole gallery

Who I am

My real ame is Andrew Lozano but everbody call me "Loz", I'm half a web artist and half net-activist, I've worked for Museum of Modern Art in Paris, I've made many web sites a bit famous in France, I've made some web sites with importants french artists, last time I've write entirely a content management system dedicated for artists who wants to use multimedia in theirs web sites and I'm a bit knwon in the opensource french community.

You can read more about me here : http://andre-lozano.org

This project is founded by no profit organisation "Provisoire" association provisoire

This page was best viewed in 1993 with MacWWW Samba 1.04 or olds browsers like mosaic...